3d maze screensaver windows

3D Maze

The classic 3D maze screensaver that shipped with Windows ’95 and ’98. It randomly moves through a maze with red brick walls, running into various obstacles, each with its own effect on the route, as it searches for the exit. If this screensaver does not render properly, try disabling full-screen mode via the settings menu, then set the Size slider to «Max».

This download will probably not be usable on computers running Apple Mac.

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3d maze not showing up correctly 2 3 weeks ago
Slight glitch with classic 3D Maze screensaver. 4 1 month ago
how do i activate the screensaver? 1 1 year ago
Classic 3D Maze windows 10 not working 3 1 year ago
Windows Maze Screensaver wall textures 2 1 year ago
I downloaded the 3D maze and can open it but not sure how to make it run as my choice of screensaver. Still getting the other default screensaver opt 1 3 years ago
Cant play microsoft maze because screen is to small or big how do i fix? 3 3 years ago

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Very cool! Takes me back to my first computer back in the 90s. Acer 56kb RAM and 4 mb hard drive running Windows 95. Dial up modem. I can almost still hear the screeching sound when it was connecting! I quickly taught myself to bypass the Acer browser and functions and use Windows directly. I played with screen savers all the time. Back then they were needed to «save your screen» life. I wish I could find the old Budweiser Frogs screensaver again- that was my favorite, but trademark laws have made it unavailable.

I love it! Thank you.

Honestly, great screensaver, reminds me of my childhood, before I personally scrapped our old Windows, er, was it 97 or 98, I can’t remember, but either way I personally scrapped it when we got our Windows XP, so, yay! Only one problem persists, the wall texture is constantly swapped in and out with the roof texture, so much so that the roof texture is more common on the walls than the actual wall texture. Oh well, still fun, and hoping for an update that will fix that little glitch. Anyways, gotta go, Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

Still works as intended! Even 16:9 support, I never expected that. Only issue is that the wall texture kind of blends in with the ceiling, but that can be fixed by setting the roof texture to the wall texture.

That Still works! It changes the wall texture somehow.

I have fond memories of making custom skins as a kid, thinking I was a hacker 🙂

I totally love Rainbows!!
Thank you

The brick texture isn’t loading in.

I Finally caught it! I FINALLY GOT HIM!

hahahahah it’s very funny

Reminds me of the good old days, but the textures are wonky.

I noticed that the Screensaver is powered by OpenGL, not Direct3D, as the original one was, back in Windows 95/98. Still great Nostalgia, tho.

Its main failure is no speed control.
The faster your computer the faster it runs.
Never has had a speed control.

? does it work like the original maze? i remember being able to actually play it like it was literally a game

I tried it from Windows 3.11 to Windows 10. All worked (except versions prior to Windows 95). It worked for my native OS too (Windows 7 nightly build). Other versions are tested in VMWare and Virtualbox. Woot!

UPDATE:The SCR is hard to install if you don’t know. Step 1: Extract the file from the zip Step 2: Right click and press install. DONE.

This is great. My grandparents had a Windows 98, and it had this on it. My windows 7 Starter has a really bad selection of screen savers.

It is great, great memories 🙂

To install this just put it in C:\Windows\System32
not a subfolder, just put it into System32

YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. How I missed this. trippy version, of course!
Thank you! Working nicely on Windows 10. Just really wish I could slooow it doooown. Even too fast, it’s a pleasure to have back. StonerView 1,753x Free, for Mac


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Для вашего поискового запроса Windows 3D Maze Screensaver мы нашли 50 песен, соответствующие вашему запросу. Теперь мы рекомендуем загрузить первый результат Windows 3D Maze Screensaver который загружен L 1011 Widebody размером 19.48 MB, длительностью 14 мин и 48 сек и битрейтом 192 Kbps.

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Windows 3D Maze Screensaver

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Комментарии • 70

I would literally turn on my pic and not do anything just so I could sit and stare at this.

Why does it look like a speedrun

It’s like baldy’s basics

I wonder who dislikes this

Me in 3rd grade sitting in the nurse’s office, staring at this screen until she told me my parents were here to pick me up.

Wheres the smilies??

Now they made this into Baldi horror game. It still give me the creeps

The backrooms game looking kinda fine

I used to watch this screensaver while I fell asleep in bed

I wouldn’t be surprised if the creator of Baldi’s Basics was inspired by this.

first minecraft edition

Thanks for unlocking memories I forgot I had

I swear I thought this was a game with easter eggs such as a space ship hidden in the level as a kid.

Fun Fact: this works on Windows 10.

I could watch this for hours.

Imagine this but with like the exorcist face around one of the corners with a loud ass sound effect

Ah, elementary school. It really takes me back.

I just realized the camera follows the left-hand rule to traverse the maze. (reversed if upside down)

I miss this screensaver

anyone finds this a bit scary too?

My father had bought me an old type computer when he didn’t have a big salary, but just because I wanted.

One of my teachers has this as his Zoom background.


Could have done without the jump scare 😒

Dad: The internet is a dangerous place!
8yo me, staring at my screen without internet connection:

This was so fun to watch when I was a kid.

POV: you’re The Weeknd at the Super Bowl

Oh, look, it’s the Windows 95 version of The Weeknd’s awful halftime performance from Super Bowl LV.

I remember thinking it was Wolfenstein back in the day

I always wondered whats with the rats, the polygons, and the lego picture with open gl?

No one :
Pc store screens in the 90s:

My god, windows 95. What a magical time that was.

This screensaver always freaked me out, yet it looked so sick.

Kinda like the backrooms lol

Remember watching it endlessly when there was no game on iur home pc.

I remembered this old memory after playing some minutes of wolfenstein 3d, back when world was better place to live,, Childhood,,

I miss this.
So much that I legit searched for this video

POV: Youre a vindicator walking around the woodland mansion

This takes me back to the 90s, where computers were big and bulkier and the graphics weren’t as great as today. But I do miss the 90s though.

The original Back Rooms

this screensaver brings me joy

I remembered when I was a kid I would sit at the desk and watch it sometimes I would pretend to use the arrow keys and play it like a real game. Aaaah memories

1:16, as a kid I was fascinated at this room and I still am as an adult. I’m so happy I can relive a very nostalgic part of my childhood. Thank you. 🙂

Wish this had a tutorial on how to make a game like this

Wolfenstein 3d is the one game made in same engine as this wallpaper,,


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