Acer bluetooth driver for windows 7

ACER Wi-Fi и драйверы Bluetooth Скачать

TravelMate серии 2000/2500

TravelMate серии 2100/2600

TravelMate серии 2200/2700

Драйвер беспроводной сети Acer, v., 1.7MB, 2008/12/03

TravelMate серии 230/280

TravelMate 2300 серии

TravelMate 2310 серии

TravelMate серии 2350/4050

TravelMate серии 240/250

TravelMate серии 2400/3210/3220

Серия TravelMate 2410 / Серия TravelMate 3210

TravelMate 2420 серии


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Если вы используете схему Wi-Fi на Aspire 1693WLMi и TravelMate 2101WLM, вы можете выбрать один из них с симболом и вкусом быстрого поиска, без перехода на периферию, через другой голос. Че проезд? Devo installare qualche driver? Салути


Acer bluetooth driver for windows 7

Model released before Windows 8 (before 2012).
Normally the model name «Acer Aspire» and followed by 4 numbers such as «4735»

Model released during and after Windows 8


I do not have a wifi driver for my Acer laptop running windows 10, what should I be looking for please?

Where i can find the model of my laptop? Sorry im not too good at laptops

Normally you will have a small sticker at the back of your laptop, look at this picture:

Which one download for aspire E1-531 windows 7/64

You can identify which to install using hardware ID, just google your hardware ID and it will tell which driver you need to install

I have aspire 5740. In device manager it shows microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter having yellow exlamation mark. win 7/64

It is a secondary network connection, and it is a virtual network which means it does not affect you main wireless connection. It commonly use to connect with second network such as ad-hoc connection. If you does not use it you can right click on it and select disable. If you want to install it, right lcik on it and select uninstall, restart and windows will reinstall the driver automatically.

how can i get a wifi driver for my laptop (model: acer aspire 4250s)

In case you need the driver (if your wireless not working), make sure to turn on the wireless first (using fn key) just to double check.

There are two type of wireless card for this model, it is either Atheros or Broadcom.

Download and extract the original Windows Vista drivers and right click then select properties.
Then select compatibility and select Windows Vista.
Right click on setup file and select run as administrator.
Does not matter if installation is success or failed, restart your laptop.
If the Wireless still does not work :
1. Open device manager.
2. Look for Network with exclamation mark.
3. Right click and select update driver.
4. Browse my computer.
5. Don’t search, let me pick..
6. Select have disk, and browse to the extracted driver folder.
7. Select the inf file and proceed with the installation.

Your original Vista driver:
Atheros : Download Link
Broadcom : Download Link


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