Airplane mode switch windows 10

Windows 10 switches to airplane mode on its own: Fix it for good

Are you struggling to work on your computer because Windows 10 switches to Airplane mode every now and then?

Well, worry no more because we’ve got just the right solutions to help resolve the problem. Try any of the fixes listed below and see if it goes away.

The article also covers the following topics:

What do I do if Airplane mode keeps turning on?

1. Update Driver Software of your Network Adapter

Sometimes, it is better to let third-party software update the necessary drivers. We strongly recommend you to use a dedicated tool in order to update your drivers.

One great example is DriverFix, a tool that allows even beginner-level users to keep their drivers updated and functional.

Simply download and install DriverFix, and as soon as you first launch it it will scan your system for drivers that need to be either updated or repaired.

The system is fully automated, and all you need to do is select which drivers you need to be fixed, and then perform a simple system restart to apply the changes.


2. General troubleshooting

Action Center

Network Notification Area

User Settings

Even if your computer has a switch for airplane mode, it could turn off your Wi-Fi such that other apps turn on the connection back again without your knowledge.

3. Perform a clean boot and then an SFC scan

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

A clean boot is performed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This helps eliminate software conflicts that occur when you install a program.

This lets you scan your computer system for any corrupt files and fixes these corruptions in the system files. To do this:

4. Modify the Network Adapter Properties

5. Disable Non-Microsoft Services

Some programs or services can lead to the Windows 10 switches to airplane mode issue. You could try to disable some non-Microsoft services to fix the Windows 10 airplane mode not turning on or off errors.

If you know the specific program, disable it directly. If not, it may take your time to single it out from the list.

6. Disable and Enable Network Connection

7. Uninstall the Wireless Adapter and reboot

Rebooting your computer will re-enable the services you’ve disabled one by one to find out the problematic services or programs that result in the Windows 10 switches to airplane mode error. Once you figure them out, disable them again.

8. Switch off Radio switch device

10. Run network troubleshooter

Sometimes when Windows 10 switches to airplane mode, it could be caused by any factory installed software to save your battery, or wireless communication could be turned on and off in Windows.

Additionally, it could be caused by using a keyboard key or button, as it is possible that while typing you are accidently clicking on the hot key that has been trapped for Airplane mode.

To run the network troubleshooter, do the following:

Were you able to get the Windows 10 switches to airplane mode fixed using any of these solutions?

Let us know what worked or what other issues you may have by leaving a comment in the section below.


How to fix Airplane mode errors in Windows 10

Airplane mode is a useful feature in Windows 10, but despite its usefulness, users are reporting certain issues regarding Airplane mode and Windows 10, so let’s see if we can fix those issues.

One issue that users have reported is that they cannot leave Airplane mode. This can cause a lot of problems and limit the usability of your device, but there are a few solutions that you can try.

Speaking of Airplane mode errors, here are some other common problems reported by users, and simple ways to solve them:

How do I fix Airplane Mode problems in Windows 10?

1. Try using keyboard shortcuts to disable Airplane mode

You should be able to use keyboard shortcuts to turn it off. If you want to learn other ways to turn Airplane mode off, we’ve got a useful article just for you.

2. Change network adapter properties

If the above-mentioned solutions weren’t helpful, you can try with changing your network adapter settings.

3. Update your network adapter drivers

Update drivers automatically

There are two ways to this: you can go to your wireless adapter manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers or you can update the drivers automatically.

If updating drivers from Device Manager didn’t work, your next step would be to update them using a specialized third-party app that will automatically keep your drivers updated.

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4. Disable and enable network connection

The next thing we’re going to try is disabling the network connection and enable it again. If changing the network adapter settings and disabling the network connection didn’t work, try our next solution.

5. Uninstall the wireless adapter

Another thing you can try to solve the problem with Airplane mode in Windows 10 is to uninstall the wireless adapter driver.

6. Perform a clean boot

According to users, sometimes a third-party application can cause this problem to occur. To fix the issue, it’s advised to disable all startup applications and services.

Once your PC restarts, check if the problem is still there. If not, you can enable applications and services one by one until you find the application that is causing the problem.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to restart your PC every time after enabling an application in order to apply changes. Once you find the problematic application, it’s advised to remove it.

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

There are several ways to do that, but if you want to completely remove the application, including all of its files and registry entries, we suggest that you use uninstaller software

7. Disable radio switch device

According to users, Airplane mode errors can occur due to certain devices, such as the Radio Switch Device. To temporarily fix the issue, it’s advised to find and disable those devices.

Once the Radio Switch Device is disabled, the problem with Airplane mode should be completely resolved.

8. Switch to the Ethernet connection

Sometimes there might be a glitch with your system, and that glitch can cause Airplane mode errors to appear. To fix the issue, it’s advised to connect your laptop to the Internet using an Ethernet connection.

Besides the fact that this is a physical connection which is more stable, you won’t have to worry about interferences, and you will benefit from the full speed of your internet as well.

By doing so you’ll be able to connect to the Internet and problems with Airplane mode will be resolved. Keep in mind that this might be a temporary solution, so you might have to repeat it if the problem reappears.

9. Change your adapter settings

According to users, you might be able to fix Airplane Mode being greyed out on Windows 10 by changing a couple of network adapter settings. After making these changes, check if the Airplane mode errors are resolved.

10. Check your BIOS

Another unlikely cause for Airplane mode errors can be your BIOS. Sometimes certain settings can interfere with your system and cause issues with Airplane mode.

After doing that, the problem with Airplane mode will be resolved. Keep in mind that not all devices support this feature, and if you can’t find it, be sure to check the device’s manual to see if this feature is supported.

A couple of users reported that they fixed the problem by updating their BIOS to the latest version.

Updating BIOS can be a complicated procedure and potentially dangerous if you’re not careful, so before you update BIOS, be sure to check your instruction manual for detailed instructions.

If you want to know more about the BIOS update, we advise you to check our useful article dedicated to flashing BIOS on your PC.

That’s it, after performing some of these solutions, your Airplane Mode shouldn’t be greyed out anymore. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, just write them down in the comments, below.


How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10

How to solve Airplane Mode Issues on Windows 10 when its keyboard key doesn’t respond and Settings is greyed out.

Recently a number of readers have asked for a method to fix Airplane mode issues in Windows 10. I have written a fix especially for those users who have upgraded their computers to Windows 10 and are facing WiFi not working problem. Here we are with a fixing article for Airplane mode in Windows 10 whether it is greyed out or enabled and stuck or disabled and stuck. So let’s follow How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.

Airplane mode issues can be of different ways. One might be unable to turn off the airplane mode as its toggle indicates the function is unavailable for the time being. Few users might not be able to activate the wireless connections as they are not willingly glued to the Airplane mode. And there are situations where Airplane Mode turns on automatically refusing other wireless devices to perform correctly. So, we provide you different solutions to try for the above mentioned Airplane Mode issues. So, let us head towards the main topic and see How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.

The very first thing is to keep yourselves cool then follow the procedure one by one.

How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10

1. Change Network Adapter Properties

2. Physical Wireless Switch

3. Disable and Enable Network Connection

4. Update Driver Software of your Network Adapter

5. Uninstall the Wireless Adapter and Restart PC

All the above ways are too easy to perform. Give them a shot one by one and we are sure it will Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10. If one way doesn’t fix the issue, try out the next one. Let us know if your problem is resolved with any of the above mentioned methods. Also, encourage us with your valuable responses and enlighten our knowledge if you have any other way to fix this issue.

6. Reset Network to fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10

Many times Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10 requires Network Reset as a solution. This method wipes out and re-install all the network adapters and restores other networking components to the original values. You start with an almost fresh combination of setting using this way that doesn’t affect the Airplane mode to cause a problem. See how will you proceed –

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Start your system and enjoy the Internet without encountering Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.

82 thoughts on “ How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10 ”

This one work for me, thank you

Thank – Human interface fix worked. Phew!

I tried alot of ways and the one that worked isnt listed and its really simple. i held fn with f2 and its manually turned on wifi. i did alot of advanced ways to try to get it out of airplane mode and this was super simple

Yours worked for me. If above mentioned doesn’t work, scroll in comments try the one suggested by # CzaQ #

‘thank you so much’, I really couldn’t find what’s the problem but the #5 fixed Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.

The human interface fixed the Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.Thank you.

You are awesome i love you! #5 fixed mine

Really, this is a weird Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10. First of all download an authentic driver from the manufacturer website and install then restart and check the issue.

my Dell Latitude E6430 suddenly went into airplane mode and stuck there. The wifi button would not stay on and the airplane mode button would not stay off. I tried all these fixes and a couple others but none worked. Finally I rebooted pressing F2 to get into the bios. Choosing wireless network settings there were two submenus that specified devices controlled by wireless network key. I disabled all of them in both sub-menus and rebooted and then rebooted again pressing F2 again. Now back at the bios screen I re-enabled all of the wireless network options and once again rebooted. This time the Wifi button stayed on and I once again had internet access. Strangely, the airplane mode was ALSO still on (lit up) even though I had wifi and internet access. But then I clicked on the airplane mode button and itturned off and it stayed off. Pushing it again disabled the wifi as it should and now the two buttons work properly.

I have had this problem for a few weeks and nothing I did could resolve it. With it came an inability to access internet first via wireless then via both wireless and the internet. My daughter showed me a button on the rt of F12. that reads PrtScr. If I press that together with the fn button next to the ctrl button on my desktop, magically airplane mode turns on and off. Once off I was once more able to turn on my wireless but it still would not access the internet – troubleshooting indicated there was a problem with the adapter/driver. By clicking on change adapter options in my wifi window I was sent to my wifi under network connections – on clicking my wifi button I was led to a window that included at the rt end an option to change settings for this connection. Clicking on this I was led to a series of check boxes one of which read AVG filter or driver. This had been checked. I presume through the AVG installation. I unchecked this and everything returned to normal. So kindly help me How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.
I apologize for my lack of technical terminology – I am not an IT specialist

Karol solution good.
Thank you followed your steps. Perfect after reboot.

Just wanted to say thanks — I called customer support and as they took me half way into a process then took me hostage as they asked for 450 to complete the task and sign me to warranty. I followed the steps you posted, then went back to try the FN/PrtScr which worked.
Airplane mode is off, I am connected, and my Political Science paper will be written

Karan dalal thanks.i finally resolved my issue

Nice blog, I think the first thing, where we unchecked “Allow computer to turn off to save power” in power management tab of wireless device in device manager, solves the problem of auto turn on of airplane mode in PC.

First I followed the instructions in Point #2, then I followed the instructions in Point #5. Then it worked. Thanks, saved us a lot of money and we are going to be retirees in three weeks.

Very helpful. The last method worked. Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot. Fn+PrtSc worked for me after struggling a long time.

Hello hall, W-10 creates conflicts with a large number of third party utilities. But the positive part is that Win-10 has inbuilt rock solid security applications. Windows Defender, Firewall, and SmartScreen filter among those. So we can rely on them and live without having without any danger in most of the cases. This is the only way to cast aside the conflicts.

My issues are a bit different. I can’t keep W-10 disconnected. I disable wifi turn on airplane mode and when I return, I see the enabled icons in the lower right, then a notice from my firewall (zone alarm) that the Host has been blocked from changing the registry entry for (Zone Alarm). then I see the icons change to airplane on and wi-fi disabled. Earlier I disabled Auto-update and (Zone Alarm) log advised update driver for Macafee (sp) was used to bypass update block. Two copies of the driver were stuck in Temp file. Checked Net and some others had also found the Host using firewall update file in Temp.
I found Windows firewall had turned off completely so I went to remove Mcafee but could not find it. We try to turn off the wireless on all devices when not using them to limit connections to microphones on other devices in house We did this after one time when looking for wife’s phone I rang it and spoke to her when ring stopped’ Did you find it? and my voice came out of the Samsung Smart TV. So we try to disable all the wireless until needed. It seems like this W-10 is being operated from a collection program and (Zone Alarm) makes it vengeful. I tried to take it back to Walmart but ;no way. Advice was switch to Windows 7. Another detail is this HP Pavilion rags me about the Accelerometer not being on (claims important to cooling). I guess so it can tell if it is in an airplane. My next thought is to block in firewall just to keep things stable, but I’m sure it will be timed to call home since every turn on says updates are waiting. How would it know? The net was exciting then it started the Evil Creeping into our homes. It’s junk without a Good firewall but which side of the wall has the hellfire.

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I tried every step that has been given. Nothing works but disableD the creepy airplane switch collection. Thanks to this site and much more thank the people under this post.

Thank you guys, i had the same problem, tried every step, but the one that worked 4 me was (fn + f12)

Hello Navin – Thank you so much! After trying many of the other fixes mentioned here, the Click Fn+PrtSc did the trick!

Wow, I am stupid! I struggled for three days, repeatedly trying all the methods above to exit flight mode until I discovered that my laptop has a physical switch just below the mousepad that enables and disables flight mode! I suggest everyone checks their laptops thoroughly for hidden switches before using the methods above.

You will not believe how easy it is to disable Airplane Mode.

Simply hold the ‘fn’ key together with the ‘PrtSc’ key down until you see the message ‘Airplane mode is disabled’. And that’s it…

You will not believe how easy it is to disable Airplane Mode. I struggled with it for two days despite trying all the solutions suggested here. Here is how you do it.

On your keyboard hold the ‘fn’ key together with the ‘PrtSc’ key down until you see the message ‘Airplane mode is disabled’. And that’s it…

Hello Mr. Geri,
First of all, I like to inform you that I have modified your comment due to avoid plagiarism issue. Now coming to the Airplane mode issue, kindly follow the steps successively I am going to write below with exactness and cool mind –

1. Click Fn+PrtSc (This is a small thing, but many users have got solutions using only this).

2. I have read that you have recently upgraded your OS still If you are using any third party software like CCleaner, antivirus, TeamViewer or others uninstall it. (I myself was troubled from CCleaner for which I have written an article later Struggling with WiFi Issue in Windows 10? Check Ccleaner First).

3. Follow the 5th method written in this article headed as 5. Uninstall the Wireless Adapter and Restart PC (Some people are scared that after they will Uninstall the driver it is missed, but you don’t be scared as the original driver settings are saved in system files).

4. If these 3 methods fail to work for you kindly inform once more here through comment.
Navin (Admin)

After fair upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 w/service Pack 1, I attempted to login to my Microsoft account and was apprised I had no Internet connection, I checked and I was showed that my Network was active, but I noticed that the Airplane mode was turned on. I rushed to Internet Settings/Airplane Mode and pressed the button to turn it Off. It kept bouncing back to On.

I contacted Microsoft Help for Windows 10 and talked to 7 different people – they all conveyed the same thing – “No worries” and proceeded to do all kinds of tests remotely. I was then suggested to reboot and given an ID # and said this would get back to them – HA. I got another agent and of course, the agent I was talking to previously was not available. This happened each of the times I called them back.

To make a lengthy story shorter, they found that this only happens when running the Internet Explorer browser, but I can still use the Internet by using Chrome browser. The Airplane Mode still displayed as being ON.

I had a couple of friends that this occurrence took place to and the only means it was resolved was to revert back to previous i.e. Windows 7 w/service Pack 1.

I carried out the Upgrade to my laptop erelong after I read the notification from MS, but I didn’t want to do it to my desktop until I was certain I was happy with Win 10. I commit the upgrade to my desktop on 5/14/2016 and that is when this all started.

I tried the solution that Trish Rodgers just suggested – that didn’t work either. I have reinstalled Skype once more because I utilize it. I went to all the sites that are listed by the others in this conversation. Nothing is working.

Also, when I go to Settings – Network – Internet, the toggle switch stays on and it doesn’t list any wireless devices either.

I was so disappointed with Windows 10 due to the airplane mode controlling my laptop. After reading all of the “What to do to cut it off” just to allow me computer access, I found out Nothing worked that was stated from Windows or any other person trying to help. Seriously, Nothing! So I thought what touches airplane mode, what program has some type of neighbor that might have something to do with this issue. The thought then came to mind that Skype might be worth investigating to see if there is a hidden connection or link that just loves the Windows 10 and wants control.

I then totally removed Skype since I don’t need Skype and don’t use it at all. Guess what, I no longer have an issues of “The battle of Airplane Control”. My computer works faster now and any other issues previously have come to a halt.

Thank goodness I didn’t give up. Maybe Windows 10 gave up too fast or just didn’t want anyone to know that Skype has a sneaky critter in their system. Hope this helps others.


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