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Broadcom is a large manufacturer of mainly networking and storage products such as modems, Ethernet and wireless adapters, storage adapters, and fiber optic products. Broadcom was initially formed in 1961 as a division of Hewlett-Packard. Later that division became known as Avago Technologies, which acquired Broadcom Corporation in 2015 and kept the Broadcom name. Today, the company operates under the name of Broadcom Inc. and is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Some of the popular Ethernet adapters made by the company today include 10Gb cards such as the P410SG and the P410SGBT. They also make some popular fiber channel storage adapters like the LPe35000-M2 FC host bus adapter or the LPe16000B FC host bus adapter.

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How to Update Broadcom Device Drivers Quickly & Easily

Tech Tip: Updating drivers manually requires some computer skills and patience. A faster and easier option is to use the Driver Update Utility for Broadcom to scan your system for free. The utility tells you which specific drivers are out-of-date for all of your devices.

To get the latest driver, including Windows 10 drivers, you can choose from the above list of most popular Broadcom downloads. Click the download button next to the matching model name. After you complete your download, move on to Step 2.

If your driver is not listed and you know the model name or number of your Broadcom device, you can use it to search our driver archive for your Broadcom device model. Simply type the model name and/or number into the search box and click the Search button. You may see different versions in the results. Choose the best match for your PC and operating system.

If you don’t know the model name or number, you can start to narrow your search down by choosing which category of Broadcom device you have (such as Printer, Scanner, Video, Network, etc.). Start by selecting the correct category from our list of Broadcom Device Drivers by Category above.

We employ a team from around the world. They add hundreds of new drivers to our site every day.

Broadcom updates their drivers regularly. To get the latest Windows 10 driver, you may need to go to the Broadcom website to find the driver for to your specific Windows version and device model.

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Once you download your new driver, then you need to install it. To install a driver in Windows, you will need to use a built-in utility called Device Manager. It allows you to see all of the devices recognized by your system, and the drivers associated with them.

How to Open Device Manager

In Windows 10 & Windows 8.1, right-click the Start menu and select Device Manager

How to Install drivers using Device Manager

Locate the device and model that is having the issue and double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

Select the Driver tab.

Click the Update Driver button and follow the instructions.

In most cases, you will need to reboot your computer in order for the driver update to take effect.

Tech Tip: Driver downloads and updates come in a variety of file formats with different file extensions. For example, you may have downloaded an EXE, INF, ZIP, or SYS file. Each file type has a slighty different installation procedure to follow.

If you are having trouble installing your driver, you should use the Driver Update Utility for Broadcom. It is a software utility that automatically finds, downloads and installs the right driver for your system. You can even backup your drivers before making any changes, and revert back in case there were any problems. You can safely update all of your drivers in just a few clicks. Once you download and run the utility, it will scan for out-of-date or missing drivers:

When the scan is complete, the driver update utility will display a results page showing which drivers are missing or out-of-date. You can update individual drivers, or all of the necessary drivers with one click.

For more help, visit our Driver Support Page for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.


Broadcom WLAN BCM43XG12 Latest Windows 7 64bit Drivers

I have an HP Pavillion dv6-2070et laptop with Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN (BCM43XG12) wireless card. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I have been having problems with Open VPN Tap Driver NDIS 6. I want to install the latest WLAN driver (maybe from another laptop model) for my wireless card to see if it will resolve my problem or not. What is the latest possible driver for my WLAN card?

I wrote the details of the existing driver that I am using below. This is the latest available on my laptop’s support page.

HP Driver Setup Name: sp48591.exe

Device Description: Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN
Driver Version: 5.60.350.6
Driver Date: 3/22/2010
Inf section: BCM43XG12_NT61
Matching Device ID: pci\ven_14e4&dev_4315&subsys_1508103c

%BCM430G_DeviceDesc% = BCM43XG12_NT61, PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4315&SUBSYS_1508103C

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This driver contains support for the hardware ID you posted.

This package contains drivers for the supported Broadcom Wireless LAN Adapters in the supported notebook/laptop models and operating systems. Release Date: Jul 13, 2012

Paul, thanks for your reply. I was able to use the following Broadcom driver from one of your earlier posts.

HP Driver Setup Name: sp63944.exe

Device Description: Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN
Driver Version:
Driver Date: 03/26/2013
Inf section: BCM43XG12_NT61
Matching Device ID: pci\ven_14e4&dev_4315&subsys_1508103c

It is still quite old (from 2013). Do you know of a newer Broadcom WLAN driver?

You’re very welcome.

This one is the newest version I could find that has support for the hardware ID you posted. Rev.B Release Date: May 10, 2014

Paul, thanks for sp66445.exe. I will install it.

How do you find HP drivers (from other HP laptop models) by using hardware ID of a component? If you can teach me how to do it, I can update all my drivers 🙂

You’re very welcome.

It has recently become a bit harder to find drivers.

Now that HP has merged the business and consumer support sites together, I can no longer click on a driver from any HP business class PC and get the revision history.

That was a neat feature. For example on the now defunct business support site, I could have clicked on the link to the sp66445 driver and on that link, there would have been a revision history tab which would have listed every driver that came out before and after sp66445 was released.

Now that we can’t do that anymore, I have to guess what PC’s might have newer drivers.

I happened to know that there is also a HP 8470p notebook which happened to have the above driver.

So, I thought to myself, how about going beyond that. But I couldn’t find newer HP notebooks that had a Broadcom driver that had support for the hardware ID you posted.

As you can see, there is no way I can teach you how to locate newer drivers anymore due to this change.

You would have to memorize every HP business notebook out there.

Since I have been doing this for almost 7 years now, I have filled my brain full of this information gathered over the years.

And now since I am rambling on here, I remembered the HP Elitebook 850 G1 may have had a newer Broadcom driver than the 8470p and by golly, it does.

This driver also has support for the hardware ID you posted.

This package contains Broadcom Wireless LAN driver and is required to enable the integrated Broadcom Wireless LAN adapter in supported notebook models running a supported operating system. This package also contains the Broadcom Wireless Utility application and IHV Extensions that add support for Cisco Compatible Extensions.

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See how hard it is to find drivers now? I hate it.

Before, I could have clicked on the revision history tab and found this info out in seconds.

There may even be a newer driver, but now I couldn’t say for sure.

Suffice it to say, you have now brought your driver 5 years newer than it was.


Broadcom Wireless Utility


Free Download

A wireless LAN application that will replace the default Microsoft Windows XP Windows Zero Configuration service and add some tweaks here and there

Broadcom Wireless Utility addresses a small group of Hewlett Packard laptop owners that are on the lookout for a more elaborate application software for their computer’s Broadcom WLAN interface card. With Broadcom Wireless Utility, you get to tweak and further manage the WiFi hardware of your HP notebook.

For starters, this particular piece of software was created as a replacement for the Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration service alongside other enhanced features. Thus, it only works on Windows XP. Although you can also try and run it in compatibility mode with later Windows iterations, it is recommended that you only utilize it on XP.

The Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) represents a service that was bundled for the first time with Windows XP back in October 2001 and that allows you to tinker with your WLAN connections and their corresponding settings. On the other hand, Broadcom Wireless Utility may come as a more powerful alternative.

As a piece of advice, if you are 100% satisfied with the way your Wireless network connections are being managed by the WZC, then there is no reasonable motive for you to try Broadcom Wireless Utility. Many other users in this specific situation have reverted to WZC after working with Broadcom Wireless Utility and finding out that it only complicates the simple things.

Broadcom Wireless Utility packs a pretty sleek interface encasing five subsections for ‘Wireless Networks’, ‘Link Status’, ‘Site Monitor’, ‘Diagnostics’ or ‘Information’. You can Add network connections and customize them in the first one, check for signal and noise statistics in the second one, look for available networks in the third one, perform various test in order to determine if your wireless networking adapter is functioning properly or view software as well as hardware details regarding the WiFi NIC.

All in all, Broadcom Wireless Utility is not a must for every Hewlett Packard laptop owner, not for the ones that are already pleased with the available level of customization at least. What Broadcom Wireless Utility manages to bring to the workbench is an additional layer of adjustments for more advanced users that always require and demand more from both their hardware and software.


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