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Заправка картриджей и ремонт оргтехники

Где скачать бесплатно драйвера Brother для HL-1110R, HL-1112R, DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, HL-2035R, HL-2132R, DCP-7010R, DCP-7057R и прочих моделей принтеров?

Лазерные принтеры Brother пользуются огромной популярностью у российских пользователей. А все благодаря отличному качеству сборки, экономичности и простоте обслуживания оргтехники данного производителя.

Скачать бесплатно драйвера для Brother не составит труда на официальном сайте технической поддержки Solution Center. Как это сделать? Об этом мы расскажем в пошаговой инструкции!

Внимание! Забегая наперед, отметим, что мы категорически не рекомендуем скачивать драйвера из посторонних источников. Это может привести не только к поломке самого печатающего устройства, но и к взлому персонального компьютера.

Инструкция по скачиванию драйверов для принтеров Brother

Для начала перейдите на главную страницу Brother Solution Center. Ссылка ведет на русифицированную версию сайта с соответствующим регионом. Поэтому дополнительно ничего настраивать не нужно.

Шаг №1. В поисковое поле введите наименование модели принтера.

Шаг №2. В разделе «Поддержка и загрузка» вы получите доступ к необходимым файлам.

Шаг №3. Выберите совместимую операционную систему с вашим ПК.

Шаг №4. В открывшемся окне скачайте пакет драйверов. Тоже самое можно сделать и с сервисным программным обеспечением (ПО).

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Бесплатный доступ к драйверам наиболее популярных моделей принтеров Brother HL-1110R, HL-1112R, DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, HL-2035R, HL-2132R, DCP-7010R, DCP-7057R

Чтобы не тратить время на поиски драйверов для скачивания, мы подготовили ссылки на источники с официального сайта Brother. Вам остается выбрать только совместимую операционную систему:

Возникли проблемы с принтерами Brother? Сервисный центр MiraxPrint

круглосуточный выезд мастера в Москве!

Возникли дополнительные вопросы?

Источник | Brother printer solutions will help to Install Brother printer and get the Latest upgraded drivers, for Brother printer installation you might also see

Enter Your Printer Model & Click on Download Button

Hi, Let’s First Get Your Brother Product Registered with Us and Start Download from

If we talk about printers first name comes in our head is Brother printer, on this site we will tell you how you can install & set up your Brother printer with minimal knowledge about computers.

Everything you should know about

Printer manufacturing company that’s famous for its high-quality printers and client services. Not just that, but they’re also one such company with the highest customer satisfaction rate in the section of printer manufacturers.

Such advantages, the consumers of Brother Printers face some issues too, and here we’re going to talk about one of the most confronted issues from all them. That most confronted difficulty is, most of the brother printers users cannot locate their Printer’s software drivers, hence due to which they are not able to use their printers economically.

What is

To take advantage of many benefits with the support of this support page provided by Brother Printers. In case if you’ve not visited this page yet, then allow me to inform you that using this particular page is extremely simple, and to create it, even simpler, the business has changed the format of the page into five components.

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Let us Take a Look At those components one by one:

The first element of the webpage is an immediate one with the support of which you would have the ability to download complete Driver and Software Packages to your Brothers Printer readily. With the support of this section, you wouldn’t need to make any changes in the settings or choose what sort of software package you desire.

After Downloading this software package, the machine will automatically select your Printer and install the drivers. This is the most preferred option from all of the ones that are available.

The following section is split into four segments, even though the primary reason behind this segment is also the same. As with the support of this section, you would have the ability to acquire the driver and software package for your Brother Printers.

The first part of the section is where you may need to select your area or country, with the support of which you would have the ability to offer location information to the Brother Printers site and hence based on which you’d be shown the available printers.

The next portion of the section is where you may need to choose your product category.

After choosing the specific title of your Brother Printer, then, at last, you may need to select OS Family, at the under section they’ll also ask about picking out the OS version and click on OK.

With the Aid of These measures, you would have the ability to get the particular software and driver package

There are Lots of Reasons due to which we ought to choose, let us have a look at those reasons one by one:

Easy Accessibility:

The First and most critical reason because of which one should choose for downloading all kind of softwares or drivers linked to their Brother Printer is that you would be able to find everything easily accessible from here.

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While On the other hand if you ever tried to locate softwares linked to a Brother Printer from anywhere else, then you must be knowing how hard it is. In some cases, users may find drivers from different sites, but they would not be sure about that if they are the right one or not.

Safe Downloading:

You Need to pick the right driver package and install it directly.

24/7 Customer Support:

The Overall UI of the page is simple to use, and even if you’re new to it, then also you would have the ability to use it without any chaos. But in case if you found any issues, then the 24/7 customer service team would always be there to help you out regarding all types of problems you face.

You Can get in contact with them with the support of a direct call, or you can have a look at the FAQ section of the webpage, where you would have the ability to find solutions for various sorts of problems.

Latest Updates:

Although there are Many more such reasons due to which you should choose instead of any other site, but above-listed

How to Install Brother Printers on Windows 10?

Here we are going To discuss about the steps with the help of which you would have the ability to set up Brother Printers on Windows 10:

How to setup Brothers USB Printer on Windows 10?

Here Is the list of steps with the help of which it is easy to install Brothers USB Printer on Windows 10-

How to set up Brothers Wireless Printer on Windows 10?

Here We’re going to take a look at the steps with the assistance of which you would have the ability to establish your own Brother Wireless Printer on Windows 10.


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